Watching the Weather for Your OBX Wedding

October 17, 2009  |  Wedding Planning & Inspiration


The Outer Banks is an amazing place to have a wedding but often weather becomes the biggest hurdle. You can have a random windy nor’easter in the middle of July and a beautiful 80 degree sunny day in the middle of December.

We know this first hand. We were supposed to have a 70 degree beautiful day for our wedding and at the end of the week, a storm came through. We had to move the rehearsal dinner to the front of the house away from the windy beach and cross our fingers for the wedding.

I remembered of that day all to well as I cross my fingers for Betsey and Robby’s wedding this afternoon. As I watch the radar, I am hoping the rain holds off as it did for our wedding. Who knows the sky might separate and the sun might start pouring through.

Honestly, I don’t mind a little drama when it comes to photographing a wedding though. Yes, it makes setting up remotes a little scary but it brings an element of surprise and hope to the day. It also makes the wedding unique. People will always remember when the sun popped through just as you were saying your vows or when it was a sunny day all day and it started pouring as you were walking down the aisle.

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