What does your sign tell you about your wedding planning style

November 9, 2009  |  Wedding Planning & Inspiration

What is your planning style? Is it let someone else plan it for me and I could care less about the details or is it I care about every little detail and love watching it come together.

When planning a beach wedding, its important to know your limits. What happens when the weather isn’t ideal? Would you be able to move everything inside or is it better to have a tent  so that weather isn’t as big of a factor?

I don’t know how I came across this link. I think it was one of my google-leads-down-an-awesome-path find. Sometimes I question the validity of astrology. But when it came to describing me and Tim, our relationship together and my type of wedding – it was exact.

So it was fun reading through the signs and it actually might help you be confident in the wedding of your dreams.

Anyway.. read what it has to say. For me its Virgo

Bridal Style ::

  • Simple, detail-oriented, natural, thoughtful

Whats important to you ::

  • Getting great deals and sticking to a budget
  • Control over the details that matter to you
  • A good, solid plan
  • Making sure your guests aren’t inconvenienced

Bingo! Right on.

Check out what your sign says about your planning style.

What do the signs say about you and your fiance. Check it out here.

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