Kites With Lights – Jockey’s Ridge Outer Banks

December 18, 2009  |  Life on the Outer Banks

Jenn and I attended the Kites with Lights event the other weekend put on by Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey’s Ridge in Kill Devil Hills. It was a beautiful event. Living in the Outer Banks it’s sometimes easy to take for granted the beauty that lies right within your backyard. A night out at Jockey’s Ridge seeing beautifully lit kites along with Christmas music quickly reminded us why we love Jockey’s Ridge.

Next time you visit the Outer Banks you owe it to yourself and that inner child that lives within all of us to visit Jockey’s Ridge and fly a kite.

A few of the photos Jenn and I took at the Kites with Lights event:

OuterBanksJockeysRidgeKiteWithLights01 OuterBanksJockeysRidgeKiteWithLights02
OuterBanksJockeysRidgeKiteWithLights05 OuterBanksJockeysRidgeKiteWithLights06

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