Organizing Your Wedding Ideas with Evernote – Part I

December 10, 2009  |  Wedding Planning & Inspiration

Planning a wedding is so much fun but can be overwhelming at times. You want your day to be amazing and there are so many great and beautiful ideas out there. Evernote might just be the ticket to organizing all of these ideas. It is the ultimate wedding binder.

Recently I started using Evernote and it has revolutionized the way that I store and organize information. It is my brain’s backup. I use it for ideas, grocery lists, recipes, gift ideas, and the list goes on. It also has a corresponding iPhone app which means you can have your binder with you at all times. At the grocery store and can’t remember what you mom’s great lasagna recipe calls for? Just pull it up in Evernote.

Evernote is amazing for visually storing your ideas. You can take a screen shot of an idea and put it into categories.

Here are some notes I have on colors.


So lets say I am browsing Style Me Pretty and I find a centerpiece that I really like. I can take a screen shot of the centerpiece, write a note about the centerpiece and then put it into the centerpiece notebook that I have already created. This allows me to quickly scan and compare my centerpiece ideas.

weddingevernote1 weddingevernote1

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