2010 Wedding Trends

January 2, 2010  |  Wedding Planning & Inspiration

Having a US destination wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the 2010 expected
wedding trends we found as we skimmed through the bridal blogosphere.

Backyard destination weddings.
Nearby US destinations are taking flight over the exotic. Guests will get an escape but not have to travel as far from home.
Birdcage veils.
These veils add glamour and fun to your bridal ensemble.
Personalized plus.
Brides will pay special attention to the details from the décor and invites to a great gifts and super-fab favors.
Taste is king. Fondant is falling behind as brides are choosing wedding cakes that showcase taste as well as style.
Mismatched bridesmaid dresses.
This adds dimension and style and a hope for future use.
Gadget registries.
Wedding gifts have increasingly become more high tech and couples are using Amazon and Google to complete their registries.
Visual combos.
Brides are beginning to look for teams of photographers who shoot video and stills.
Old Hollywood glam.
Cary Grant’s sense of style is making a comeback this year for grooms.
Cobalt blue.
Bright cobalt blue is a hot hue, offering a fresh and bold twist on the something blue tradition. Also, monochromatic is in. Think one color in different shades to give your wedding a cohesive look.
Blogger brides.
Personal blogs offer a space for brides to share, gather inspirations and explore.

1) Jenn & Tim’s wedding cake from Great Cakes! made with textured buttercream and a touch of cobalt blue, their wedding color. 2) A bride holds a parasol as she walks to their reception on the Outer Banks.

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