How The Love Project started

January 3, 2011  |  The Creative Process

We often get asked what is The Love Project?

As documentary photographers, some of the things we see and photograph are tough and one summer while photographing inside a prison about the mentally ill, it was too much. We decided that we need to document something that was a little lighter and full of joy so we began documenting love. It was called The Love Project and we documented people of all ages who were in love.

We documented old love, young love, large families and small families. As we continued the project, we started to look at those moments when love was defined such as births, deaths and weddings. It was fulfilling and rewarding as we loved photographing people on the most important days of their lives.

We decided to continue The Love Project and photograph love on one of the most defining days of a relationship, one’s wedding. Not only do we hope our photographs spark the memory that you felt when you said your vows, we hope our documentation of love helps generations beyond us know that despite the ills of the world, love still exists and can be defined by those you surround yourselves with.

Here are some images from The Love Project that started this adventure into documenting weddings.

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