Weddings in Black and White

June 12, 2011  |  The Creative Process

I realized that we never post weddings in black in white on our blog. I think black images are effective for two reasons – it helps to isolate the emotion and energy in an image and it allows an image to be timeless. If you have seen any of our documentary work, you will know that I shoot most of work in black and white. It’s funny, for weddings I even though we give all of our couples all of their images toned in black and white, I think weddings are so full of life that the color images speak to the vibrancy of that day. With that said, every once in awhile I will know an image will be a black and white image. After I finished editing Adrienne and Matt’s wedding, I knew their wedding could be a wedding that would look equally as good in black and white. With that said, here are some images from their wedding in black and white.

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