About the Love Project

The husband and wife team of Tim Gruber and Jenn Ackerman, based in Nags Head, NC, are the photographers behind The Love Project.

We have a creative and genuine approach to photographing weddings. Combining art and emotion to create images, we hope to evoke feelings and inspiration every time you see your images and films. As artists first and foremost, we want our images to be as dynamic and special as our clients themselves. Our background in editorial and documentary photography and ability for making people feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera have resulted in helping us make wedding images and films that are truly treasures of art.

We are there to tell your story and will put everything we have to photograph your wedding in a unique way. Depending on the package you choose, we use still photos, audio and video to create a seamless wedding film – your love story.

When we are not out on our long morning walks down the beach in South Nags Head, you can find us traveling the world working for editorial and commercial clients and editing Emmy-winng films. We met in grad school where we earned our master’s degrees in photography and film but we earned so much more; each other’s love.

As a team and married couple, we feel very blessed to be able to work every day as artists and pour our heart and soul into our work. We love being photographers because it allows us to explore the world and meet new people. When it comes to photographing weddings, we hope that by just us being there, we are making a couple’s life better. The moments that happen on a wedding day are so beautiful yet so fleeting and we hope that we can do our part by allowing our couples to relive those moments every time they see their photos and every time they watch their film. As artists, this is our way of bringing joy to people’s lives.

Tim is the teddy bear in the relationship. He is a romantic at heart and is extremely sentimental. He hates saying goodbye and tears up when he has to.

Jenn loves to be a part of people’s lives in the midst of something special. It excites the very core of her to see everyone who loves you celebrating your life and love at your wedding.

How the Love Project Started
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