It’s All in the Details

Sometimes your eyes can glaze over processing all the information with so many photographers available to photograph your wedding. Here are a few things that help set The Love Project apart.

Looking your best. We want you to look the best on the day that means the most to you. We have photographed presidents, celebrities, teachers, prisoners sentenced to life behind bars, the homeless, stay-at-home moms, beauty queens and the list goes on. You photograph your best when you’re comfortable. We’ve photographed in many different situations with a diverse range of people so we understand how to put our subjects at ease.

Our investment.
We truly have a life savings invested in our equipment. Expensive equipment doesn’t make the photographer just like a chef’s pots and pans don’t make the food magical, but our equipment helps in capturing images that wouldn’t be possible without the gear we use. We have remote cameras we can mount anywhere for unique compositions. We have remote lights we can trigger from our cameras and wireless microphones so you can clearly hear your vows. We have eight digital cameras in our arsenal and numerous HD video cameras. Our array of gear is like a photographer’s toy store.

A husband and wife team.
When you hire us you get more than two photographers that work together.  You get a married couple that loves and inspires each other on a daily basis. You’re getting two extremely passionate photographers that will provide two different angles and moments with one creative voice. We love working together!

Aside from creativity, rapport is the most important ingredient to great photos. Making sure you both feel comfortable with us is so important  as we will be with you for the majority of your wedding day. You’re investing in our vision, creative abilities, professionalism, character, and personality.

You get a couple that has dedicated years to learning their craft. We didn’t just pick our cameras last year thinking of this as a hobby. We went to one of the most competitive and well-known graduate programs for documentary photography in the nation at Ohio University. Not only did we fall in love there, but we perfected our storytelling abilities. Since, our work has been honored by some of the most competitive photography contests in the world including International Photographers Giving Back Award, Pictures of the Year International and an Emmy. Needless to say, we don’t take what we do lightly. It’s a passion for us both.

Two mediums.
In our cinema fusion projects, we provide one seamless and poetic story. We fuse video with our still photography giving you two different mediums with one voice.

Wedding day time-lapse.
A unique and visually interesting documentation of your ceremony with a remote camera that takes a picture every five seconds. The thousands of photos taken are then merged to make a flip-book like High-Def video of your ceremony.

Photos in a week.
Even before your honeymoon is over you will be able to view your photos on your own private wedding web site.

Clean audio is everything. By using some of the best shotgun and wireless mics on the market, we are able to capture the most important moments. Hearing the pause before he says “I do” is timeless and it will bring you back to that exact moment as tears fill both of your eyes.

Customized soundtrack.
We respect all artists and pay for or use royalty-free music in all of our wedding productions. We create a customized soundtrack based on the emotional atmosphere of your wedding.

The Love Booth.
A fun way to get your friends and family to ham it up for the camera. Unlike a traditional photo booth, The Love Booth is set up like a photo studio and the photos are triggered by your guests themselves with a hand-held remote. The Love Booth is a hit at all celebrations.