Love Notes from Our Brides

Along the way of my planning, someone told me the Outer Banks was the second most popular destination to get married in the United States…and second to none other than Las Vegas. So, with that stated, I think it is safe to assume the wedding business is booming in the Outer Banks and you have lots of options, but with those options come the tough decisions. I am very fortunate because I was pleased with everyone we worked with (and I have high expectations).

I am more than glad to share my experience in working with Tim and Jenn.

From day one they were different than any other photographer I talked with or considered. I found other photographers to be squeezing me in between one or two other weddings they already had booked the same day as my wedding and upselling me when they hadn’t even met me yet. For them, it was a business. For me, it was the most important day of my life. I really just wanted to work with someone that was down-to-earth and paid attention to who we are as a couple, and captured every moment—from the chaos to the excitement!

We were engaged in May, booked Tim and Jenn in early July, had our engagement session at the end of August, and married in mid-October. For us, it was a fast and furious race to altar (well beach), but Tim and Jenn were so easy to work with and rolled with our schedule. They stayed in contact with us and went above and beyond what we agreed on in our contract with them.

We had an engagement photo session which lasted a few hours. I thought it was one of the best things we did because it gave us an opportunity to meet Tim and Jenn before our wedding and for Robby and me to get comfortable in front of the camera. We discussed a lot of details about the wedding and how things would flow that day.

We talked about any special pictures we’d like to have and they were open to pretty much whatever we wanted. I found that they are so much about capturing your “love story” that they weren’t really interested in editing your ideas. Whatever you want, pretty much they can do it and will do it. I look at my pictures now, just four months later, and I still feel like I am looking at them for the first time. I am amazed by their work. They captured things I didn’t remember and moments I will never forget.

Only one recommendation to what I would have done differently…Tim and Jenn tried to tell Robby and me that we should do the video piece. We were rattled enough with everything going on and opted not to do it…They did get some sound and some live footage and still put a little something togteher for us. It absolutely made me wish that I had included it in my pacakge and got more video. That was my biggest mistake in working with them.

Also, check out their credentials…emmy award winning, trained by the best, professional, and you get the two of them!! I was hoping for one good photographer and I got two amazing photographers.

If I had to do it over again, I would pick them again. In fact, we aren’t done with them yet…just wait until we start having babies!

I hope this helps you make a sound decision.

Best Wishes,

Hey Jenn and Tim!

First I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for rescuing us from a photography nightmare a few months ago. Thank you for all of your support and thoughtfulness during that time. Thank you for making Matt and I feel so comfortable in front of the lens. Thank you for all that you did on our big day. Thank you for being there for every special moment. Thank you for capturing our entire day beautifully! Furthermore, thank you so very much for getting our photos together so quickly! We absolutely, positively couldn’t be happier! Thank you for taking the time to get photos of all of our details. That means so much to me! I feel like you two didn’t miss a thing and that’s just wonderful for us!

I LOVE, love, love every photo! I think my hardest job is going to be picking which ones to frame because they are all so good! The dress photos on the beach were awesome and I loved all of the ‘getting ready’ shots! The ceremony pictures were phenomenal as well! Great ones of me and my dad, you even caught a tear :-) I loved all of the portrait shots! The ones of Matt and I walking are sooo good! I feel like we got everyone and we all looked great! The reception pictures were perfect! Everyone loves the entrance photos. Cutting the cake was great and again thank you for all of the details! Ugh, they were all just SO incredible!!!

The time lapse was so sweet too! What a great idea. I am so happy we decided to do that. We will treasure those videos forever! I also LOVED the movie trailer you made! You guys are just too much! Ah, we couldn’t possibly be happier!

Thank you again! For everything! We are so thrilled!

Talk soon,